Prakash Saput & Jayananda Lama । Yugantar । Ep-02 । Galaxy 4K

There are many differences between old and new artists. There are many successful artists who have made their future in the field of singing. There are many who have lost their way during the struggle. They have enjoyed music since childhood and now. There are many who point out the differences in the digital modern world. People who embrace the struggles in their tongues embrace the struggles of the people and embrace the bittersweet experiences in their tongues.

The life of a folk singer is different.
Famous folk singers Prakash Saput and Dayananda Lama have talked about the difference between the events of 60-65 years ago and the current environment. What is the difference between their two generations. Dayananda Lama says that there was a good market for artists 35-40 years ago, while Prakash Saput says that there was no market when he entered the singing field. Explains

Earlier, Samhit Bigyas used to take people who knew how to sing Lok Vaka to Kathmandu to sing songs in 14 zones and 75 districts. After getting a good conversation, he got a good conversation in the field of music. He not only read it himself. He also taught music to Dipendra. He got involved in the field of music and studied music well.
Prakash Saput, a new generation born in a poor family, worked in hotels, furniture, radios and even a double house to come to this area. He has given voice to more than 2 dozen songs. He not only sings, but also acts, composes, composes and directs himself. The songs he sings are very popular. Now Prakash Saput has bought his own car in this area.
Dayananda, who was born in 2013 BS and Prakash, who was born in 2047 BS, says that they have different thoughts even though they are in the same profession. In Kathmandu, you could get a room for 10 rupees and a good meal for 65 rupees a month. He earns a week’s earnings. Both sides claim that there are many differences in song compositions. Old songs are said to be very organic.

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