Prakash Saput remembers the days spent in straw.

As Dasai Tihar is approaching in Nepal, artists are releasing Dasai Tihar songs. They have not only entertained the audience but also left a message in their field.  There are concerns about how to move forward in your area. The Covid 19 Corna virus has hit the entire region hard at a time when the world is in turmoil.  Relief has been provided to some extent in the current situation.


Famous singer Prakash Saput’s Rimal model Garima Sarma and ten other songs of the team are coming to the market. Artists are returning to their field of work after Lakdown.  The working couple has increased their passion for work. While giving new songs to the general audience, there is also a lot of fun.

Prakash Saput had also bought a new car. It is said that Saput, who bought the car, could not travel much.  Saput, who won his heart, says that he bought a house and a car by engaging in music. He says that he has not done any other business in his field of art. He has been involved in art since his childhood and has become a hero of Nepali people.

Dasai Git, which is coming to the new market on the occasion of Dasai, has tried to wish good luck to the general audience.  Rimal Garima Sarma has also played a role in the song. Prakash Saput is not only in Nepali song music lately but also in directing, acting and all fields.  He says he has never had food. He says how long he has slept in straw and how long he has slept in a 5 star hotel. Sometimes he has no money to eat tea.  There are many problems to be faced in the days of sorrow. Such problems keep coming to the tongue. People have to continue their journey in any situation. The fruits of their struggle are always found in the tongue.

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