Prakriti Shrestha and Sudip Neupane in PYL show

In the second episode of the pyl show program, the first episode was prepared in a conversation with Mahanayak Rajesh and his wife Madhu. Actress Prakriti Shrestha and her husband Sudip Neupane, who is passionate about modifying people, have gone to Australia after their marriage. After Ujjwal, they will go to the affluent countries to get more services. Wherever they live in Nepal, they come and go because of their immense love for their country. They dream of doing something without staying in their own country. There is compulsion.

The couple, who love Nepali art, said that they came to Nepal for work and went to Australia to work on their project. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes. They say that there was a quarrel between them.

Prakriti and Sudip, who have been in a relationship for a long time, say that they tied the knot after the marriage press came from home. He says that his marriage seems to be incomplete because he got married only 4 days ago. He says that when he gets married without any preparation, he feels sad now. Cricketer Sudip, Prakriti Jada says that his game will get worse.

The newly launched Yash program aims to talk about the language of the people. At a time when people are living in their own language, people are remembering their past and future as Yash program. , camera person: DBmagar, Shurash Shrestha, Ashish Tamang, abhista lama and Nishan Tamang, Chief editor: Ranjan Neupane, MUA: soken,Prakriti, who has done 3-4 music videos and movies, says that she has got a lot of love from the audience even though she has worked on a few projects.

Sudip, who got married eight years ago, says that their relationship with Prakriti is still going well. She says that she is happy with Sudip because she gives him time to believe in himself. She says that she is happy with Sudip because she gives him time to believe in her. Sudip says that it is necessary to fight, it brings out the innermost thoughts of the people, but he says that it is not necessary to go beyond the limits and fight.

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