Anmol & Neeti Need a coffee date with a childhood friend, Dayahyang Rai.

Niti Sah, who has made a name for herself in the field of Nepali art, has recently reached the peak of much discussion. He is constantly working in the field of Nepali art, winning the hearts of the audience, he is working, always winning the hearts of the audience, he is of the opinion that his work will move forward. She says that her talent has led to success in one project after another, she has worked hard, and she has worked hard to make the project a success.

Lately, she has received offers from many movies, but after reading the script, she quits when she feels bad about the movie, she said. In the project that she likes, she has said that she has been working as per her heart’s desire. Niti Sah, who met at the inauguration of Redmer Coffee, said that she would rather have a coffee date with Dayahyang Rai than she would like to go on a coffee date with. Niti Sah has given detailed information about the film industry, including coffee.

In her first film, Niti says that she wants to look like she is. The manager of the policy said he was talking to three or four makers as soon as the policy was ready to play the movie. Talking to the maker producer, he said that he will get good sign soon tomorrow. He said that he is working because the heroes who have left are signing the film. She said that since Niti has been a precious friend since her childhood, she is a very good person.

She said that she prefers mango juice to hot water as soon as she wakes up in the morning. She says that she likes dal, rice, meat and bhuja very much in her food. She says that she eats whatever she gets. She said that in order for a person to manage his body, he does not have to compromise on food. “People have a body that suits the type of food they eat,” she said. She said that even though she works hard, she does not stop what she wants from her body.

As she is acting naturally in the Nepali film industry, she said that she likes Dayahyang Rai very much. “People like natural things now, so they can improve their ability to work,” she said. She said that she would make a film if she could find a suitable story in her life, as she was thinking of going a different way in life. Lately, it has come out that the policy is to do jerry duo with the hero Anmol, but the production team has not come up with anything with her, she said.

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