Preeti did not get support from the actors who came, Bisnu Khatri and Kakroz said.

As Haritalika Tij, the great festival of Nepali women, is approaching, artists are in a rush to bring their talents to the market. While another music video is coming in the market, the shooting of Nepali Tej Git Geet in the collaboration of the famous artists of the comic genre, the artists who have made their own identity from the folk duo area has taken place in the Balaju studio. Artists who have made a distinct identity in the field of Nepali song music have an important role in this song.

Bisnu Khatri, an artist who has been struggling for a long time in the field of Nepali art and created a distinct identity, and the famous singer Preeti Ale have collaborated. The team has said that the song starring Haris Niraula and Preeti Ale is very good, and the audience likes it a lot. He said that even during this time, the love that is very strong after Tihar, he is always smiling. Bisnu said that since he is an artist, he wrote the song because he would be sad if the audience did not bring a new koseli when the festival was coming.

He has said that he has brought this song to the market in a way that suits everyone by molding the words of the past and present in this song. Earlier, Khatri said that although the songs of Tihar were prepared by adding the sorrows and sufferings of women and sisters, including the story of Maiti and Paeli Ghar, but now many modern songs of different types are coming in the market. He has said that he has made a song by combining both the contexts to find out what kind of songs the audience likes in the society.

She has said that the famous artist of Sakkigoni, Kukroz, used to sing the chorus in 400-500 songs, and even now she has performed in serial music videos. He said that people have to struggle in life, sometimes applause and sometimes abuse. She has told that till date she has worked on many songs including folk songs, and the audience also liked them.

Preeti has said that she was upset when she got out of the Nitya Cup, and that she was not supported by the artists from the folk music industry. She said that when she participated in the Nitya Cup representing the Lokdohori area and reached the finals, she felt a lot of pain when she did not get support from people from her own area. She said that when they are constantly struggling for any new work, they learn a new lesson. He said that he thinks that Kakroz is the man who dances the chorus most regularly.

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