Preeti leaves the world because her parents did not pay the bike’s installment.

In her own home, a girl from Kavre Palanchowk committed suicide . Priti rani Tamang is a girl name. Before she killed herself, she left a video. She has placed the responsibility on both her husband and her mother-in-law. She’s been married for four months, and her husband is currently in custody due to his wife’s death; perhaps her biological parents are pursuing legal action against her mother-in-law. People in Kavre have begun demonstrating, demanding that justice should be given to her.

Her biological parents are requesting that their daughter be returned to them. They are demanding that her daughter’s spouse and in-laws be properly investigated. Priti has also mentioned how violence her in-laws and spouse were. She has been in domestic violence as her parents mentioned. When her parents proposed divorce, she said no. As her uncle put it, she was scared of being judged by society. Priti’s body is in a hospital in Dhulikhel, and her parents are protesting against her in-laws.

The priti body has not yet been disposed of. According to Nepalese law, when a married woman dies, both families must agree to take and decompose her body. Sudip has been in custody, and his family is divided over whether or not to return Priti’s body to her biological parents. Sudip’s family intends to hand over the body once their son is released from police custody. Priti’s body has been in hospital for two weeks, but her in-laws refuse to agree until their son is released from police custody.

priti was 25 a long time ancient where sudip was 24 a long time ancient. they have family relations as well. sudip had no work , he cleared out his ponder inadequate. as priti father, they had hitched her daugther fair for cash considering she has gone overseas and she must be wealthy. sudip has brought a bicycle on credit. he utilized to deliver mental weight to her to create him credit free. he utilized to request cash from priti guardians. she was indeed two months pregnant and her spouse family denies to acknowledge the child that wasn’t their claim blood. due to mental weight she cleared out the world

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