Preeti Paswan viral dancer of Birgunj.

Sugandhi Paswan, a poor Dalit slum that has become the guardian of the government, has been living with everyone in their misery. Now she has also received Sampan from various organizations. She said that after getting married in a hut, she struggled to get here, enduring stigma from the society. Preeti Paswan has narrated the struggles she has had in her life, saying that even when people show their art, they have to suffer a lot from the society in which they live.

Growing up in Madesi society, Preeti Paswan said that her father was very much despised by her society for dancing and now she is responding to that society. Tiktak, Preeti, who excels in programs, feels sad because of the pain given by the society. Preeti, who was born in Birgunj, said that although she was forced to work because she was poor, now that she has been touched by Nitya, she has excelled in programs in the country and abroad. Lately, she says that she has been very good at shooting programs. Now, she says that she has signed 4-5 Bhojpuri films.

Pratika Baba, who has been showing her talent to the society, says that the number of hijras is given by the society as she still dances. A poor house in Birgunj, whose house at one time had no food to eat and no place to stay, no clothes to wear. A woman has brought the people of the family community, who are looked down upon and despised by all the people in the society, in a good place. No one knows where a person’s life comes from, where people live their lives by struggling in their own way. Sugandhi Paswan and Rajbansi Paswan have two daughters and a son.

Her love for a marriage changed her future. One of his friends was the son of a village chief. He had to leave the village in two because he was a Muslim and a Dalit Hindu. He came home only later. Deeply immersed in friendship, they could not live without each other, wherever they went, the two had a very close relationship. Rajbansi was born into a poor family, and his life changed a lot when he found Sugandhi. People still have a tendency to despise each other in society. At one time, the society did not believe even for 3-4 thousand Paswan family, now it is serving the society. Yap Tiktok, which is now used by most people in Nepal, is also going viral.

Paswan, who has changed his diary from home-grown sugar, says he does not lag behind in doing any work. He says that his sad days are over now. He says that he has been fishing in the river all day long to make ends meet. He says that he has achieved success only after working hard. Paswan, who later went on to raise sugar and poultry through fish and palms, says he is now working to raise the living standards of other communities. At one time there was no place to shelter from the cold, but now he owns a car. People who did not believe where they could pay when they first tried to get out of the group of 5,000 now say that they come to ask for money. The Paswan family has shown that there is nothing wrong with people struggling in life.

She says that when she tried to cultivate the poor slum, she fought with the people and gave them land. Rajbansi, who dances in a girl’s dress, says that she has made her daughter an artist like herself. Paswan, who once got married in a two-story hut, now says that his life is happy. He says that he came here because of his wife who has been fighting against injustice. He has proved that if you do any work in the society with hard work and perseverance, you will be successful in life. Hard work can improve a person’s life. Paswan, who is despised in the society, says that now the way others look at him is different.

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