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Premgheet 3 is a Nepali upcoming movie. This movie is getting Limelight all over the country including Nepal, India, Bangladesh Maldives Sri Lanka and so on. Though this movie has a target of releasing it in the market in the month of Chaitra in 2077, But because of the endemic situation caused by covid-19 this movie has not came into the Nepali market till the date. this movie is getting limelight in while looking at the trailer of this movie the movie was really awesome from the audience’s point of view.

This movie will not come in the market in only the Nepali language. This movie has been dubbed in Nepali Hindi and 3 other languages. The Hindi version of the movie has been dubbed in Mumbai. This movie has been dubbed in Real Touch Studio located in Mumbai. The dubbed of the premgeet movie has praised the Nepali movie as a high-level movie. According to the different Hindi dubbing of the movie like Sachin Goli, Sanket Mhatre, Manojj Pandey had praised the Nepali movie as very attractive Movie. According to them the scenario, the concept, the script, the dialogues, the caricature of the actors and actresses are really eye and heart catching.

According to them they really enjoyed while dubbing the Nepali movie Premgheet 3. They had never image before that Nepali movie can be also be so beautiful as in this level. They really like the whole concept of the movie.
Real touch studio dubbing Premgeet 3 in Mumbai

The voices are given by different artists like:
Sanket Mhatre as prem. He had also given the voice for famous actor Allu Arjun, Mahesh babu.
 Puja panjabi as Geet. she had also given voice for famous actress Kajal Agrawal, Tamanna and many more.
Manish raut as “khal nayeak”
 manoj pandey who give voice in Bahubali as “valalal”
Sachin goli, mausam and so on.
Dubbed in: Nepali, hindi n 3 different other sounds.
The makers of the movie “PremGeet” are Dead chetan gurung and filmmaker shen.

The different Nepalase actor and actresses of the movie includes Shiva shreshta, pradip khadka, christina gurung, manish raut, sunil thapa, mahustey gurung, puskar karki, prem puri, jiwan bhattrai, laxmi bardeba, yogisha khatri and many more. Here the actor Pradip khadka and the actress Christina gurung has played the main role in the movie as a Prem and Geet. This movie will come to the Nepali and Indian market very soon.

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