PremGeet 3: Pradeep Khadka’s journey to Bollywood

While the movie Prem Geet 3, which is popular in the country and abroad, is being released in theaters, the movie dubbed in Hindi will be recognized as a foreign film to be shown in theaters in Nepal, and at the same time, when the rules of the theater being open at the same time are changed, the film production team and the development board There was a rift between the presidents. Even though the ministry overturned the decision of the Bhuvan case, their differences increased.

After Pradeep and Santos Sen objected to Film Development Board Chairman Bhuvan KC, KC said that instead of not having culture, Pradeep got the culture from home that he should not do injustice to anyone and he should not tolerate injustice and he did so. Saying that the movie prem geet 3 was not released easily and he worked hard to bring it to the show, Pradeep said that because many people talk about Sanskar because he is a young man, a small man will correct his mistakes by correcting his mistakes, while a big man will make mistakes. He said that there is an obligation to raise a voice about it.

After the success of Prem Geet 3, Pradeep Khadka went to Santosh Sen, Kristina’s children’s home, and celebrated with them. At a time when the film industry was going down, they were happy when the film got a good response in the country and abroad. Pradeep has said that since he got the culture of not doing injustice to others from his family and not tolerating injustice, he has presented truthfully about the distortions in the film industry. He said that everyone should work together to raise the Nepali film industry.

Pradeep Khadka and Kristina, who are struggling in the Nepali film industry, the movie Prem Geet 3, which was produced in the lead roles, gained popularity at home and abroad and became somewhat different from foreign movies in Nepal. On the occasion of Tihar, the great festival of Hindus, Premgeet 3 played Deusi Vailo while celebrating the festival of lights. Actress Kristna performed regularly when Pradeep performed Deusi, but people were shocked when singer Prabisa Adhikari performed. The program was attended by Nepali singers and people from all other fields. The team Prem Geet 3 played Deusi Vailo while having fun with the children.

The movie has been screened all over the world on October 7, and the production team and actors are continuously in Nepal, and India for the promotion of the movie. Pradeep said that since there is a difference of 14 minutes between Nepali and Hindi movies, the audience will be happy no matter who watches the movie. Geet has said that since it is her first movie, she is very excited. After watching the movie, she is thinking about what kind of reaction she will get from the audience. The Chetan Gurung and Santosh Shane video movie have Pradeep Khadka and Christina Gurung in the lead roles. Produced under the banner of Ashushen Films, the film stars Shiv Shrestha, Pushkar Karki, Maotse Gurung, and Manish Raut. Santosh Shane is the producer of the movie Bahadur Chand and Dumbar Shane is the executive producer of Chakrakoda Bikram. The team, which has been struggling in the field of art for a long time, including new artists, has presented the events that occur in people’s lives through digital media.

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