Preparing to pass MCC. Oli-Sumar meeting. Dialogue with Analyst Surya Raj Acharya.

EX Prime Minister KP Oli has begun preparations to ratify the controversial MCC ‘Millennium Challenge Compact’ agreement within his own party. While writing a letter to Oli, senior leader of his own party Jhala Nath Khanal and a member of the Standing Committee protested against the plan to pass a compact agreement with the US Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) .

The appeal issued by 10 civic leaders of the country three days ago was hotly debated on social media. It was regrettable that the game of change of government was being played during the crisis, the appeal said.  There are various reactions on social media regarding the appeal. Some have also dug up the backgrounds and political affiliations of the signatories. One of the 10 signatories, infrastructure expert Surya Raj Acharya, was asked by many: You are the spokesperson of the party, how can you be a citizen leader?

MCC maybe  right or wrong, he says, it is not wrong, but if people are angry, there is a lot of confusion about the MCC, according to him. According to some, bomb Michelle Brit will arrive if MCC does. A show of this nature is inevitable, because if the government of the MCC fails to act, negative things will spread. As a result of this, the MCC is in the process of relying on its subject.

in response to a question about attacking China, he said that the controversy began during a fight between the two leaders. opposition to mcc’s entry into the country. Once, they made a comment about attacking China without proper preparation, and the line went viral on social media. As a result, people began to believe the words of one side of the political spectrum. yet Nepali refused to believe in the positive aspects of the MCC. However, they showed no interest in its negotiations and refused to study its agreement. Nun will be able to understand it without any study, according to Aachary. 

the nepali generation is still backwards because they believe that the United States is the world’s most powerful country, he added. In the past, the United States has made the most selfish decisions. To get what they wanted, they’d have to smuggle it from another country. According to Acharya, nepalis still believe that America does the same thing, which is not true.

 He also explained positive side of MCC, He says, U.S-Nepal Partnership enters a new chapter with the MCC Compact. Electricity and transportation costs will be lowered as a result of MCC’s Nepal Compact. With these investments, Nepal will be able to provide useful services to its citizens, improve the flow of goods throughout the country, and create more private investment opportunities. In addition to boosting the country’s economic growth, improving the reliability of the infrastructure will also help to developed regional security and reduce poverty. $130 million from the Nepal government in support of the compact.

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