Priest arrested who made Salman Khan’s murder plan

After receiving threats to kill Salman Khan some time ago, the police have increased his security. The news agency said that Kapil Pandit, who was doing Reiki for Salman, was arrested by the police. According to Kapil’s statement, he said that he along with Sakin Bisnoi and Santosh Yadab had reached Mumbai to perform Salman Khan’s Reiki under the direction of Lorains Khan. In the threat letter, Salman Khan and his father were threatened to be made like singer Siddh Musewala. According to DCP Gaurab Yadab, 23 out of 35 people in Siddha Musewala’s death case have been identified.

In the matter of receiving a threatening letter to Bollywood star Salman Khan some time ago, the Mumbai Crime Branch has made a big disclosure, saying that this letter was sent on behalf of Jyang Star Larong. In order to kill Khan, the concerned party has sent a sharp shooter with a small bore weapon hidden in a modified hockey cashing, according to the Indian media. Sharp shooter outside Khan’s house and planned to remove him in the morning when he was riding his bicycle in the absence of a security guard.

According to the Times Network, in the Siddumous Wala murder case, Detective Lawrence Bisway sent the Sharpshooter. As he was about to go out for breakfast, as there was a public event that day, a team of Mumbai Police was at his gate, the sharpshooters had planned that this would be the time to carry out their plan. Lawrence, three people from Jalore in Rajasthan came to Mumbai to leave a letter. After leaving the letter, they also met the accused Saurabh Mahakal. According to the police, Saurabh had delivered this letter to Salil Khan through Goldie Brarer.

It is said that Mumbai Police will soon nab the person who left the letter. At the time when Khan was accused of killing a black deer, he threatened to kill him as the Bisnoi community considers the black deer sacred. Salman Khan, the Megastar of the Bollywood film industry, is also the host of Bigg Boss 15, he has made a great contribution and changed the Bollywood industry. He was born on December 27, 1965 in Madhya Pradesh to Salim Khan, a writer, and Susika, a mother. Parakata was born to writer Salim Khan’s first wife, while Kshikha was born in Mumbai with her brother.

Although Khan’s son’s name is Abdul Rashid Alim Salman Khan, he is known as Salman Khan all over the world. As his mother is a Hindu and his father is a Muslim, he is equally fond of both religions. Salman Khan was sometimes divided over his love affairs, sometimes he was divided over killing a black deer, he even decided to go to jail in the case of killing a deer. Salman Khan, who went to his farmhouse in Mumbai to celebrate his 57th birthday, was bitten by a snake in the Indian media. Khan is active not only in the film industry but also in social work.

Khan started his acting career with the movie Baby Ho Toh Yaisi, despite playing many movies in his life, the first movie that brought him into the limelight was the movie Maine Pyaar Kiya. This movie gave him his identity, due to which he got a new future in the movie industry. After he achieved success in this movie, one movie after another was opening a new path. Now his fans are not only in India but there are many people who like him all over the world. In a survey conducted in 2018, he was among the 82nd highest earners in the world. It is found that he is doing social work in association with various associations, which he says makes him happy.

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