Prime Minister Deuba moving the drain in Baluwatar on the advice of an astrologer

Due to his belief in astrology, Nepali Congress President Sher Bahadur Deuba has not been able to move from his private residence in Budhanilkantha to his official residence in Baluwatar even more than a week after he was elected as the Prime Minister. He was elected prime minister on June 7.

According to Deuba’s horoscope, Rahu is in the eighth position till July 15. He is stuck in Budhanilkantha after the astrologer suggested that there would be obstacles in doing new work at such a time.

Senior astrologer Angiras Neupane has suggested Deuba to move to his residence only after the 3rd. “It was auspicious time for him to move to Baluwatar on June 10, now it is auspicious time only on June 16 or 17,” Neupane told the citizens. In the morning, it is better to recite Poojapath, Rudri, Swastivachan, and in the evening, it is better to recite Swastivachan.

Even if Jupiter is in the lucky place in Deuba’s horoscope, Rahu will remain in the eighth position till July 15. Rahu’s eighth position means that the enemy side is getting stronger, ‘Neupane told the people. After that, Neupane claimed that Deuba would be powerful.

Neupane also suggested that chairs should be placed on one side and faces on the other side in Baluwatar and Singha Durbar. ‘It is better to stay in Baluwatar with northeast face. It seems that success can be achieved by turning those who come to meet and discuss to the south to talk and discuss, ‘said Neupane. The one who is going to meet should be turned to the west, while the other should be turned to the south while talking.

Other astrologers have also predicted that Deuba will succeed in his decision and work from the 4th.

According to the horoscope, Jupiter’s fortune has been in place since Chait. Astrologers say that if Jupiter is in the place of fortune in the life of a person who has Raja Yoga in the horoscope, the possibility of that person becoming the Prime Minister or the President cannot be ruled out.

According to the astrologer Neupane, due to Rahu being in the eighth position, even if there is more non-cooperation from oneself, one can get external help. He said, “Rahu of the eighth position does not harm in external assistance and support.” Neupane said that Rahu planet of Deuba will be the helper of Jupiter after July 20.

According to astrology, being an ally of the planet Jupiter in Rahu means to bring strife and division on the side of the enemy. Astrologers predict that Prime Minister Deuba will become stronger as the enemy side becomes weaker and more divided.

Ketu is in the second place in Deuba’s horoscope. Ketu in second place accompanies Jupiter. Rahu and Ketu will not reach the place of full fruition till next November 1. Until then, Deuba will have to deal with more problems and hassles.

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