Prime Minister Oli claims that he has paved the way for the formation of an alternative government

According to the constitution, a vote of confidence with a majority must be taken within one
month of being sworn in as prime minister. Prime Minister KP Oli Sharma failed to get a vote of
confidence on April 10. He was re-appointed as prime minister after the opposition failed to
secure a majority. Less than a week after being sworn in as prime minister, President Bidhyadevi
Bhandari issued a statement on his recommendation to claim the PM’s job with a majority within
24 hours. She issued the statement after Prime Minister Oli failed to get a vote of confidence.

The prime minister told a news conference on Friday that he had paved the way for the formation
of a new government. He said he was confident a vote of confidence would be taken within a
month of the prime minister’s appointment and that a majority would not come. He said that after
the majority was not reached, Article 76 of the Constitution would be followed again.

According to the constitution of Nepal, it is the policy to deliver the budget speech on May 30
every year. His question is how the government formed immediately will present the policy and
rules of budget formulation and how to approve the program. He said that he had requested the
President to call for the formation of an alternative government as it was appropriate for the
Prime Minister to pave the way as there was no time to form a government as per Article 5 with
a vote of confidence. He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture and that
his confession had been obtained through torture.

He asserted that his decision was taken because he was unable to form a new government during
his tenure as prime minister, and because there was no working environment. He also said that
the government has not been able to work smoothly, the country’s precious time has been wasted
and the government has not been able to focus on the epidemic of Kovid. He had also announced
the date of the election along with the recommendation to dissolve the House of Representatives
in Push 5. He said that if the election had been held at the same time, the country would have
been running smoothly with the formation of the new government. He also said that the country
would run with clean politics as per the constitution and federal democracy.

Explaining the situation of the country, he explained that the secretary of the constitution had
dissolved the parliament according to the spirit of the country. But Oli says the court ruled
against the letter’s recommendation. He said that it would not be a new thing if the opposition
party decides to hold the election now. He also said that going to the polls would not be a big
deal as local level elections would have to be held in the coming February. He claims that he is
unable to form a majority government as even the leaders within his own party are splitting.

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