Prisma Princy in Indreni

In today’s program the renowned artists of the media Sudir, Princy, Prisma, sachin, Suren, Bisakha and Siyal were welcomed. The whole team is welcomed in the Indreni program for the first time. They had shown their performances in the famous song “kasto suhayo” which really entertain many audiences.

Indreni is a Television Program which has been aired from ABC Television Pvt. Ltd. Nepal. The organizer of this program is Krishna prasad kandel. The programs of Indreni is also exibited through its official YouTube channel The restriction is given to others to download, upload and copy paste the program from their official sites. Krishna Prasad Kandel is the originator of this program. The program has the axiom of preserving, developing, and conservation our Nepalis rites, rituals, tradition and culture. The program has become triumphant to fulfill its aim while watching it from beginning.These programs throw back the culture and tradition of our Nepalese peoples. In this program, mostly the Lok Sangeet program has been conducted. Many artists from different areas of our country are being welcomed in this program.

They are called with the motto of advance their innate talent of dancing and singing. similarly, it also provides the podium for many children, youths and old to show their expertise and appreciate themselves in the world. According to Krishna, our Nepalese culture should not be decline at a glance because it is our identification, it’s the Nepalese people identity. And it is our responsibilities towards the nation to preserve our identity. We have one proverb in Nepali “Nepali Hami Rahaula Kaha Nepalai Narahey”.

Correspondingly, conserving our culture is essential so that our ancestors become illustrious of us and our next generation can follow us. In Indreni program many expertise from the different parts of the Nepal are called and provided the podim to show their innate talents .many singers (artist) came in this show. Some of the artists are Chatra Shahi, Kajal Joshi, Khuman Adhikari, Kalpana(queen of dohori), Rubina, Ramesh Prasai, Pashupati Shartma, Sangina Thapa, Viral Alif Khan, Sabu Bogati, Chij Gurung, Tika sanu, Kamal Sagar, Pradip, Viral Sachin, Menuka Pariyar, Shiva Lamsal, Man Maya, Pashupatinath Sharma, Kamala Ghimire, Sarmila Shrestha, Krishna Bajagai ,Raju Pariyar, , Muna, Rabin, Belly Maya ,khima Rokka, Samjana Bhandari, Rekha, Yubraj Chaulagain, Laxmi, Asmita, Mina Giri, Bimala and so on.

All of these artists have their own style of presenting themselves. Different artist from different locations have their own style, tone,language and lyrics. It not only gives the platform for the settled artist but also provide the podium for new generation artist. This is also a place for poor and needy people. As we seen often, some have talents in them but cannot get podium to present their talent. For those talents, Indreni can be the one.

This program not only bring out the talents but also provide the hands for the social work by providing money, clothes and food to the needy and poor ones. Krishna prasad Kandel is a social worker and is doing really a fabulous job from his area. He collects the penny from different kind-hearted Nepalese and provide that money and goods to the ones who really need it. Nepalese from different parts of the Earth are providing their support to the social worker Krishna. Hope these love and support will be provided in a same ratio in future too.

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