Priyanka got pregnant after one year of marriage (With Video)

Actress Priyanka Kakri is pregnant after a year of marrying Ayushman Desraj Joshi. She post a picture today with her husband( Ayushman Joshi ) writing that “You can stop asking now! Yes, we are pregnant ????????????❤️” , after released her photo on social media, people gave congrats for both of them and their future baby.

At this time, the question of whether the heroine Priyanka Karki is pregnant or not is being discussed on social media. However, it is normal for such gossip of celebrities to come up on social media. Some time ago, actress Shweta Khadka became the ‘mother’ and various gossips were spread under the title. Similarly, pictures of actress Priyanka Karki taken in ‘Holi’ have come on social media. In fact, Priyanka looks a bit fat in these pictures. Therefore, some of her fans have expressed doubts that she is pregnant. For some time now, Karki has not been very active on social media. Although not a film project, she was often seen in music videos. Based on this nowadays she was’t active on social media so, many fans thought that she is pregnant.

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