Priyanka said, Keki’s marriage hurts Benisha, their first marriage and divorce

Actresses Priyanka Karki and Benisa, who are constantly moving forward in the field of Nepali cinema, have made their separate identities. Priyanka said that she used to share her talents with the audience and convey various messages. She used to spend every moment of her life happily. Karki, who lives a life of entertainment, used to come up with her only music video after a hot song. Although Benisa knew that her friend Keki had been in love for two years, she did not know that she was getting married.

On the day of the wedding, when Keki called, looking at the wedding photo, she suddenly felt unhappy when she saw the photo. Although Priyanka said that marriage is a personal matter, she did not care about it. She says that when she wants to be honest, she wants to be honest with her friends, but she also says that it hurts her to work in secret. She said that when Keki hid some of her things, she felt that she did not have the kind of friend she had hoped for.

Priyanka had said in an interview three years before Keki’s marriage that she was not in love with him. She said. Karki said that if she starts working hard on any issue, she will be successful, so she is taking the step of continuous struggle. She says that when everyone was at home during the lockdown, when she was thinking about what to do, when she was newly married and living alone, when she started learning how to cook at home, she started to grow more towards food.

She said that as she became more and more interested in cooking, Jada made a plan to make a good reality self in Nepal. Priyanka said that people who have experience for Safe Nepal can participate in this self to make the most of the experience they have learned in their lives. “It’s more about how much people can learn in this field, than how much market it will take in the future,” Karki said. who devotes full time to her family, said that her first priority is to have a family.

Priyanka said that in order to give birth to a good child, the mother should always eat whatever she likes and never kill the mind. Karki said that if the mother is happy in Life , the child will also be happy. Karki said that while shooting for Lakha Jawan, never felt like she was in the shooting and said that the shooting of the movie was over with laughter and entertainment. The film manages to entertain as well as inform, with a love story being told that people will never know when their time is up.

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