Priyanka’s fickleness, gift and creation together told the story of marriage

As the great moon of Nepali women, Haritalika Tij, is approaching, a different passion is being added to women. A music video of the new song has been shot in a way that shows a scene in the movie together. Famous actresses Priyanka Karki, Shrishti Shrestha and Saugat Malla will have special roles in the film. When the three meet in the same place, they have talked about various things that have happened in their life since marriage.

“People are less visible in the field of art after marriage and not in the field of art for a long time after having a child,” she said. Priyanka and Srishti have said that since fasting is very important for women, they also fast at home. She said that the “Radha Piyari” that has been prepared now is very well made and it reflects the culture of Nepal.

Actress Priyanka Karki and Shrishti, who are constantly moving forward in the field of Nepali cinema, have made their separate identities. Priyanka said that she used to share her talents with the audience and convey various messages. She used to spend every moment of her life happily. Karki, who lives a life of entertainment, used to come up with her only music video after a hot song. She has been a heroine who has never done anything.

Although Priyanka said that marriage is a personal matter, she said that she was saddened by how many things she lied about being her friend. She says that when she wants to be honest, she wants to be honest with her friends. She said that when Srishti hid some of her things, she felt that she did not have the kind of friend she had imagined.

Karki said that if she starts working hard on anything, she will be successful, so she is taking the step of continuous struggle. She said that when everyone was at home during the lockdown, when she was thinking about what to do, when she was just getting married and living alone, when she started learning how to cook at home, she started to grow more towards food.

Priyanka said that in order to have a good baby, the mother has to eat everything she likes and never kill the mind. Karki said that if the mother is happy in Jiban, the child will also be happy. Karki said that while shooting Radha Piyari, she never felt like she was in the shooting and said that the shooting of the movie was over with laughter and entertainment. “Because the movie has the power to bring newness to a person along with a love story, people don’t know that their time has passed while watching the movie,” she said.

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