Problem after for voting for a dead man

Although the election evidence of some places for the election of representative and provincial assembly, which was concluded on November 4, the results of many places have been received. It has not been decided when the counting of votes in Syangja District Constituency No. 2 will take place. Dhan Raj Gurung, who is the deputy secretary of the party, is the candidate from Congress, while Aryal is the party secretary from UML.

The UML workers raised two party slogans saying that the Congress had voted for people who were abroad and people who had died. While the Congress has maintained that the counting of votes should be conducted quickly, the UML has demanded that the polls should be re-polled as the elections were won by the UML. Dhanraj, who is a candidate from the Congress party, has said that the leaders of UML are going to make excuses after saying that they will lose. The UML leader said that when he saw that one person was about to cast multiple votes in the polling station, the election officer also stopped him when he was about to raise his voice.

In the program Gandaki Chadke, which is broadcasted every Friday from Falano news YouTube channel, it is found that the real events that happen in our society are discussed and the reality is brought out. Even though people work hard to get government jobs, they bring out the work of anyone who hurts the people without doing government work. He has said that the district secretary will address the demands of the people more, he has decided to go to the election only by changing some of the functions in the government.

He has been attacking the government offices, bringing out the wrongdoings of the employees, going to the field and reporting, bringing out the sufferings of the people. He has worked to bring out the unethical work done by the employees in the government schools and offices and the sufferings of the people outside. He does the work of bringing out the reality of events that have been reduced by adjusting the process in the society.

At a time when fraud, wrongdoing has become a means of some evil-minded people, he has tried to bring justice to the aggrieved party at least to some extent. In the episode of Gandaki Khadke, he has worked to bring out the real events that happened in the society. He has tried to bring out the work that big people have been getting for small people, but he has made his program to solve the problems of people who have been cheated by arranging the mail process.

In the society, even in the current situation, people are not able to live freely, they feel that they are oppressed in some way. Even now, most of the people are working to influence the daily lives of the common citizens by being above the government’s rules and laws, so that the voiceless people are feeling inconvenienced. Falano News has done the work of making the voices of people who are in pain and suffering problems accountable from the respective places.

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