Public review on “k ghar k dera”

Bipin Karki and Barsha Raut, who has been fighting for a long time in the Nepali film industry, now have a new movie.  Bipin and Dayahang Rai are amused when Suraksha Pant and Varsha Raut are whistled in the theater after the screening of the movie.

Security has said that the movie Ghar Wala Derawala is a comedy that can be watched together with the whole family, entertains the public, and makes people cry.  He said that the movie is very good and should be seen once in the theater.  Security and Rain are talking on Mazzako TV and laughing at each other.
Even though Bipin does not speak openly with everyone, Varsha has said that he enjoys openly entertaining people close to him whom he likes.  Bipin has said that she teases a lot, pinches take away the food she has eaten and makes fun of it.  Bipin Karki got emotional saying that some people tried to defame him.  Bipin and Varsha, who have worked together in four films, have said that they are very happy and happy with the work they are doing.
 Barsha has said that she likes being healthy more than worship. Barsha Raut, the actress in the movie “Ke Ghar Ke Dera” which was screened on October 4, has openly talked about the movie and her life.  Barsha, who is very popular in the music video film industry, has recently been busy promoting her upcoming film.  He said that even when people live in camps and have their own houses, various kinds of problems keep coming into their lives.
Barsha has said that everything is fine now, even though her relationship with Sanjok has deteriorated, as she has a lot of childishness in her.  Varsha Raut has said that before marriage and after marriage, there is a difference in someone’s life.  The famous hero Bipin Karki has informed that he is in pain because he does not have a beautiful house to escape from the sun and because of the lack of work in the upcoming Hindi movie.

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