Punya Gautam received a dangerous threat

Punya Gautam is a well-known face in the field of Nepali media. He is leading in every field, Punya Gautam. He has appeared in the movement of political and social activists. He is deeply analyzing current events and even declining ones. Gautam has openly joined the CPN-UML. He likes to identify himself as an active youth leader of the UML.
Lately, the Prime Minister and UML Chairman KP Oli Sharma has expelled UML leaders Madhav Nepal, Jhala Nath Khanal and others from the party without leaving them as ordinary members. In this regard, young leader Gautam has opposed Prime Minister Oli.

He said that the UML would push the party in a new form in the coming days even though Chairman Oli split the party. Oli has been accused of committing one treason after another, removing honest party leaders from the party, bargaining by showing paper maps, and supporting Indian expansionism. He also accused Oli of forgetting his responsibility to unite the party and pursuing personal interests. Gautam is accused of trying to take charge of the country by keeping Indian nationals in the main part of the country.

He said that they had made a mistake in signing the agreement to make the President of the Opposition Congress, Sher Bahadur Deuba, the Prime Minister. He is of the view that this decision was wrong as leaders Yogesh Bhattarai, Gokarna Bista and others withdrew from signing for the last time.

He said that the unity of the UML leader could be protested against the current agenda of protesting against the ordinance on citizenship. He is of the view that the UML has gained momentum while taking the side of the Leader of the Opposition.

Had he reunited with UCPN (M) Chairman Prachanda, a majority government would have been formed with Madhav Nepal’s candidature. He has a guarantee that the current scandal will not happen. Gautam said that they have reached the court with 146 MPs to file a writ petition. He said that the writ petition filed for the reinstatement of the MP is likely to be successful.

Gautam also said that the Prime Minister had put many people to sleep in the last phase. The government has been distributing citizenship at a time when Corona’s havoc in the country needs to be controlled. The hospital lacks beds. People are dying without oxygen. Instead of saying that there is no shortage of beds and oxygen in the hospital, he is disgusted with the leaders who say that there is no shortage of firewood in Pashupati.

At this time, when the government has to carry oxygen to the homes of the people, the people have to find out whether there is a government or not. Gautam said that the government was not found even after searching with a torch in the afternoon. However, the government was dancing in the musical cheer of the government.

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