Purano Ati Bho Nepali Comedy, Riyasha

Due to the current pandemic situation, we are not able to shoot a new episode of your beloved Ati Bho serial. Until we are back with fresh episodes, do watch our old episode series and remain entertained. Stay home, Stay safe!

Family Comedy Soap, Ati Bho is a weekly series that spreads awareness with the perfect blend of humour and sarcasm. It tries to highlight the never-ending social issues of Nepal and shows its viewers how they can be solved. Riyasha, Khabapu, Chandra, Suraj and Tilak are the main characters of the show, who have co- acted in the series to spread good messages. This Media Hub Pvt. Ltd. production airs every Saturday on NTV Plus at 9:00 pm and on Media Hub’s YouTube channel at 9:30 pm as well.

Graphic and VFX are looked bySuvash Pokhrel and Cameraman is Rupak Kharel. The song of this series is sing by the Singer Binaya Ktwo and the Lyrics is given by Santosh Khanal. The Production is done by Sagar Giri and the main Artists of this series includes Laxmi Pandey, Seema Dhakal, Riyasha Dahal, Tilak Koirala, Suman Sagarjung K.C, Jibesh Singh Gurung, Kanchan Khadka, Suraj Khanal, Chandra Prasad Pandey, Sarmila Sharma, Seema Dhakal, and many more. This comedy serial came into limelight during a very short period of time because it mixes the different comedian flavors inside it which includes different funny characters. These funny characters become successful to bring laughter on the people face and also help to relief their tension and get rest for short time so that the viewer also get enjoyment and satisfaction through it. Generally, this series run about 30 min per episode.

Jibesh, Tilak, Suraj, Riyasha have acted in this series, where they play the character of siblings living in Kathmandu. This is a family based romantic comedy series, which represents the many social issues on its episodes including the educational comedy flavour insise it. It is broadcasted on Nepal Television and also on YouTube channel. Media Hub Pvt. Ltd produce this show. Production and its Production Advisor is Som Dhital. The Director of this comedy series is Jibesh Singh Gurung, Script Writers are Jibesh, Suraj, and Tilak. Similarly, the Program Coodinator is Manaraj Shrestha, YouTube Manager is Branding Bee. Accordingly, the main artists of this series include Jibesh, Suraj, Tilak and Riyasha. The Editors of this serial consists of Rabin Bhatta, Rajendra Manandhar and Ashok Chaudhary.

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