Purbaraja Gyanendra’s family arrived at the airport from Thailand when they came to Nepal.

Even though the ancient king Gyanendra was living in Thailand after a long time, he used to visit Nepal from time to time. When the family came to Nepal, King Gyanendra of the East, King Badi and his fans went to the airport and greeted them with garlands and chanted slogans. His admirers have said that since it was the king’s state visit, he has given the people in the hands of the people to know how many traitors the leaders we have jailed for some time are.

He said that now that the people have started to understand, steps have been taken to put the king on the throne soon. He said that now the king not only wears Sripech, he goes to people’s doorsteps to reach their happiness. He has said that he is a king for the country and the people, he has given something to those who consider themselves leaders to run the country. Fans have said that the King has explained the people’s needs to the people, and because they have not used them properly, the people have envisioned a country without a king.

Now, when the king came to Nepal, King Badi Haru welcomed him with pomp and ceremony, wearing a bunch of flowers, garlands and shouting slogans in a large crowd at the airport. As a large number of people were present, the police had to rush to get the King from his fans to the car. When the family king came to Nepal, it showed that many Nepali people still want the king. King Gyanendra’s daughter-in-law said that her journey was good and that she would stay in Nepal for some time and fight.

It was also decided to hand over the throne to Hridayendra, as the image of Yubaraj Paras Sah was not good. Despite the decision to make Hridayendra the Babi King, that proposal was not acceptable to the Maoists, after a year it was decided to end the monarchy and bring a democratic republic. The monarchy was abolished in 2008, then Paras Shah went to Singapore. Some time after Paras went to Singapore, Himani also went to Singapore with her children. After some time, if Himani returned to Nepal, Paras stayed in Singapore. Hridayendra, who was studying in Nepal, is now studying in America. However, his sister is studying in Thailand. Born in a Raj family, Hridayendra studied in Nepal and went to America with his family members for higher education.

Even though all the major parties in Nepal can become ministers, prime ministers and presidents, the secret of the palace murder case has not been revealed yet. Till now, there is no investigation as to why and who did the murder. Although people have explained the Darbar massacre in their own way, the real reason has not come out till now. When asking the old people who have studied till date about the Darbar massacre, even though they have answered that there was a conspiracy, it is found that they are not aware of who and why the Darbar massacre was done.

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