Purnika Shah tells about father Paras Shah & Himani Shah

Purnika Shah is the granddaughter of past king Gyandera Shah and daughter of Parash Shah and Himani Shah. Few days ago,Purnika Shah came in live through instagram and gave many answers to her fans.

In the live, she tells about her personal and family life. She accepted that she has more anger in her and confessed it towards her fans. She also said that her zodiac sign is Libra.

She said that her family and her grandfather have done a lot of good things toward this country and the Nepalese too have many expectations from him. She also praised her father Parash Shah saying that his father is not a fraud and  has done a lot for this country.

She said that her family members only show the good parts towards others and hide their negative things but unlike other members, her father Paras is different. He shows both the good and bad aspects towards other people like an open book so, people judge him as a bad person but in fact Parsah has pure soul and heart. She also supports her other family members saying that there is no wrong in showing the good aspects by hiding the bad aspects.

People asked whether she was drunk and in this question she replied as she doesnt drink beer.she told that she likes dancing and singing but she doesn’t have a good voice to sing a song so, she only does lipsing of the song, but she enjoys dancing. She seems like a drunk girl, because her tongue and hand is not supporting her while doing the insta live. But finally, she proves that she is not drunk by telling that it became difficult for her while handling the phone. 

She has also shared her one tittok video in the song “guras ko fedh muni”. Her mother and sister have also supported her in this tik tok video by dancing with her and that video had got viral in the tiktok platform and has been liked by the many Nepalese. The dance of Shah family done in one club of kathmandu has also gone viral.

 On 29th Dec, 2019 Purnika Shah along with her sister and brother had arranged the birthday party of her father Parash Shah in Pokhara and had enjoyed and celebrated a lot. Though her mother was not present in the party, a close friend of Parash named Sonika Rokka had a presence and she had shared the scenario of Parash’s birthday party. Sonika said that Parash is a good, gentle and kind-hearted person. 

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