Pusp birthday gave her a gift of millions.

On the birthday of famous hero Pusp Khadka, Shraddha, who came from India to celebrate the birthday, gave gifts of lakhs. “Krishna Leela” actors Pusp and Deepak, who are struggling in the Nepali film industry, have celebrated together as their birthdays fall on the same day. Pusp and Shraddha have said that since they have a good relationship, she is her boyfriend in the movie, even though she doesn’t know what will happen in the future. In the field of Nepali cinema, which has emerged after a long time, one after another movies are being produced and are going to the theaters.

The film industry, which has been closed for a long time, is moving on the path of progress day by day, now it seems that the actors are getting a boost. The movie “Krishna Leela” starring Kalakar, Pusp Khadka, Shraddha, who is emerging in Nepali cinema through music video, is going to hit the theaters soon. He said that even though the song “Ae Mero Hazur” of the movie “Krishna Leela” is public, many viewers responded well after seeing the song, so he said that he is sure that the movie will win the hearts of the audience. Shraddha has said that she looks very good with her hairdo in the music video.

Shraddha has said that she and Pusp are good and close friends. Shraddha said that while working in the movie, she got good support and love from everyone. In Krishna Leela, a love story movie, Pusp Khadka is presented as Krishna, while Shraddha is presented as Leela. Krishna Leela, who is in love, falls in love, in which Leela is found to have a soulless love, when two people fall in love at an immature age, this movie tells about the effect on society and people, how they fall in love. is shown in

It is found that the film is made in the cycle logic of how people look at family and when they fall in love. Ratna has said that since his business is film, he has made a very good film from a commercial point of view, as he is an actor with the name Pusp and has worked in many projects, he has said that he has acted better than he expected. He said that the way to do well is to play his role better than he thought by working hard.

Ratna said that while the actors are coming in the film industry one after the other, the actors required by the story have been included in this movie. Pusp has said that Shraddha, who is new to Nepali movies, is very comfortable working with her. He has said that Shraddha is love, wife, and those other qualities for him. Pusp, who has been working in the Nepali film industry for a long time, is a seasoned veteran of the Nepali film industry. One after another, his music videos have brought him to the pinnacle of success. Pusp has also received many awards, which have brought him to the pinnacle of success.

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