Putin reached the wall, shook hands

After Russia invaded Ukraine on February 12, the two countries showed no sign of stopping. Last Friday, six minutes after the 6:51 a.m. air siren sounded, four times the bispot sound was heard. US President Widen has said that even 28 days after the war, Russia’s military has weakened due to a lack of progress.

Ukrainian President Alexander Lukashenko said in a statement that Russia’s attack had caused “a lot of problems” in the region, which has seen more than 100,000 people killed. Russia’s parliament has passed a new law punishing those who spread false news about Russia with up to three years in prison. Even 28 days after the invasion of Ukraine, Russia has not been able to bring Ukraine to a decisive point. Russia and Ukraine have not been able to negotiate, despite calls from Western nations to support Ukraine.

While various countries have pledged to supply arms to Ukraine, no one seems to be concerned about what it will look like tomorrow. Russia has the potential to use chemical weapons because of the potential for humanitarian and humanitarian damage, according to intelligence sources. Russia claims to have destroyed chemical weapons in 2017, but has claimed to have struck twice before. The United States and Britain have been speculating that Russia could launch a chemical attack on Ukraine. It appears to have been used in 429 BC, so it is estimated that chemical weapons could be used in warfare.

While Zelensky has committed NATO to flying over his country’s skies, Zelensky has also said that Ukraine is now a member of the EU. Russia has asked China for military and economic support for its war with Ukraine, a US official has claimed. The United States has said China faces a “serious threat” if it supports Russia in the war. The President of Ukraine has announced that he will not join NATO, saying that he will not ask for anything on his knees. Ukraine has said it will not become a member of the 30-nation NATO bloc.

Russia is currently at the top of the list with 5,532 items banned, although Iran is the country with the highest number of sanctions before Yash, after Russia invaded Ukraine. The United States alone holds 21% of the territory under sanctions. Russia has been accused of waging war on Ukraine in an inhumane manner. Russia’s 69-year-old president is known as the ringleader of the ring.

Born on October 7, 1952, in St. Petersburg, Russia, Putin’s father worked in the Soviet May, while his mother worked in a factory. From an early age, he was interested in world politics and military power. Due to financial constraints at home, Putin made money working as a mouse catcher. Putin dreamed of becoming a spy from an early age and wanted to join the KGB. Had begun their journey. Putin, who worked as a spy for 15 years, had two daughters. After divorcing his wife, he returned to politics.

Putin, who has said for months that he will not invade Ukraine, announced on television on Thursday that Russia would deploy 200,000 troops on the Ukrainian border. A car bomb had exploded at an Iraqi police recruiting center at Kisak, west of Ukraine, for the second day in a row. All of this is seen as a trailer with Russia, with Ukraine blaming Russia for the attack and Russia calling it a Ukrainian conspiracy. The Bispotan gas pipeline collapsed in the Ukrainian city of Lahvan on Friday night.

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