Quality of life is Nature or Nurture? Buddhist philosophy. Dr. yogi vikashananda.

Most of the time, we say that the amazing talent in a person is born, but if a person never forgets his path and goes in the right direction, he will always walk in a positive right path. People are creating destiny with their actions. Man’s life is also so amazing, people never know what time will do. We are wasting too much time for others, the time we give is sometimes boring to us, the more people understand the time, the more they become stronger.

We have to learn to control ourselves, so that we can keep our destiny in a good place, all the evils in the society are not the same. Everyone is determined in their own way, our mind guides us and we act accordingly. Until people become spiritual, greed, greed, hatred, love, beggars, sadness, happiness will be in them. The various things that happen to a person make him talk a lot, he doesn’t even know what is good or bad. Due to these changes in people, many types of ups and downs are coming to people.

Until people understand their real life, something or the other is bothering them. As soon as one thing comes out of his mind, another thing enters his mind, his mind is playing, when he becomes spiritual, then everything feels good to him. If a person has money, they should have fun, no matter how he behaves to get something, everyone will be close to him to get something from him. When a person loses everything, he is alone with his possessions. Thought can take a person from where to where in an instant, the thought of a person is so powerful that it cannot even be imagined.

A person keeps everything in his mind, he cannot bring out the thoughts that come to his mind, until a person is able to present the thoughts that come to his mind, he will experience extreme pain. There are many things in a person’s mind, but he cannot bring out his thoughts because of the fear of society. After cursing a spiritual person and not saying anything, he asks him if he scolded you so much, you didn’t say anything. Rishi said that if no one gives you anything, nothing will come to him, he will stay with you.

Sometimes we don’t laugh even if we hear the same joke twice, but we remember the same pain and cry for the rest of our lives. If you gossip too much, the senses will never wake up, but if you meditate too much, the senses will come. No one else in the world gets married, but everyone seems to be happy. Humans have both good and bad thoughts. If a person is able to make a decision by knowing what is right or wrong, then it should be considered that Durga has come. The more time you give to yourself, the better your life will be, the more time you give to others, the more hell you will have.

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