Rabbi first target is Prachanda area Chitwan.

The youths who considered themselves independent were involved in Nepali politics by forming the “National Independent Party” for Humin. However, the National Independent Party (NIP), which has been criticized for manipulating taxes in recent times, is planning to enter the parliament with the aim of giving a sense of change to the people, putting ointment on the people’s pain for centuries No voice has been heard in the recent political events of President Rabbi Lamichhane.

People who are looking for Rabbi Lamichhane are asking the same question. The Rastriya Swatantra Party is holding its first general meeting in Chitwan on Saturday. He said that he has made Chitwan his first target and his first program is to teach him to fight in difficult situations, to learn, to be himself, to swim in the same sea of ​​human beings.

Rabbi Lamichhane, a well-known communicator, became a long-awaited communicator, after the situation led him into politics. He started the “National Independent Party” and entered politics under its leadership. After some disagreement over whether the party’s name should be kept independent, the Election Commission recognized the “National Independent Party” and gave a bell inside the election symbol circle.

He said that since Dai is his God, he would never do anything that would bring tears to his eyes and would always be committed to the protection and promotion of the rights and interests of the Nepali people. He said that he was not saddened by anyone’s right to speak and requested him to speak in a way that would bring out the truth. “Lamichhane has contributed to alternative politics, like Rabindra Mishra. I respect his vision. The same example is not for everyone,” he said.

He said that these days, he is actively ringing the bells of corrupt and evil people from various places. He said he had held discussions with people from different political parties in the middle and, with people with a new vision who did not want to merge within the parties, was looking to expand the new organization. He said that every person should have their own identity and move forward with the support of the people who have been suffering in the country and abroad. He said that although his journey was not easy, it was not impossible. He said that he will move forward with the people who are ready to take over the country.

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