Rabbi Lamichhane in Dodhar

Tourism and Civil Aviation Minister Prem Ale, who is in the news in Nepali politics, is always in the news for various reasons. Ale called the office and after beating the staff, they have come to the fore again. He further added that after Minister Ale became divided, Madhab Kumar Nepal, chairman of the Unified Socialist Party, ordered Ale to resign. Nepal has told the media that it has ordered him to resign as soon as possible. Rabbi Lamichhane, who has been in the media for a long time, has resigned from galaxy 4k saying that he will be in politics full time. He said that he is currently holding discussions with political parties.

Recently, a video of a man living in India abusing the word “up” came out after the audio came out. Minister Ale came into the limelight. And, the man said he was being harassed by blackmail, always keeping money, and calling repeatedly. After the split, Minister Ale went to the Pasupati temple, criticizing the wrongdoings there, urging the staff to take immediate action to rectify the situation. He said that Pasupati area is a sacred area and he has made continuous efforts to manage the hot water in cold weather and cold water in summer season and clean the Pasupati development area.

He stressed on the need to complete all the activities under the Ministry of Tourism and Culture Development in a successful and clean, demonstrative manner. Ale said everyone should support the holy place to prevent strong winds. He said that even though Ale had agreed with his party’s chairman Nepal that it would be okay for him to become a minister after six months, some chippy insect thieves of his own party had done a lot of tricks. “The more I sit in a chair, the more I will never bow my head to the people,” he said. They have requested to always support the positive work while raising the issue.

In Nepal, some people seem to be working to cut off their legs, following various groups, as a religiously filled pilgrimage, depending on the setting in the area of ​​Pasupasi development, even for the sake of some personal interests. Now, with the steps taken by Minister Ale, it seems that he is becoming popular among the people. After the fall of the two-thirds government, Prem Bahadur Ale, who became the Minister of Culture and Tourism from the Unified Socialist Party in the coalition government, seems to be constantly talking about doing something when he gets the chance. “I take every opportunity to serve the people and the country, given the opportunity the people have given me,” he said.

The Narayani Hitti Museum, in the Pasupati development area, was run by Batas Company against the rules and regulations. The law of the land is against the law, and the historical, religious, public property is not allowed to be tainted by anyone, he was constantly moving forward. He also told the court that the Batas Company had treated him unfairly and would not allow public property to be used for personal gain. Once people have come to the fore after working, they are found to be involved in disputes, but Minister Ale has always said that he always works for the people.

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