Rabbi Lamichhane’s heartbreaking speech in front of Prachanda, now I will play his band

The hope of the Nepali people is to be the center of trust. People who do not believe in him are seldom found. Corruption in Nepal is liked by everyone except the people who do wrong.  Rabbi Lamichhane is a god for the Nepalese people who have more faith than the government. The common people have high hopes for the issues raised by him and the work he has done.  Rabbi Lamechhane is a communicator. He has not only addressed the problems of the people trapped in his country.  He has moved forward by working for the Nepali people.
He says, “Many people are wondering how the galaxy 4k works. If this program from the television is not correct, if any of your colleagues come to you to ask for an advertisement, don’t drink a cup of tea. Your program is not suitable. We will not advertise.  He says that since he has established his identity from the problems of the common people, he says that he will work with the common people and the common people in the highest priority.  Always take up the task of transforming society.
On the day of the launch of the new television galaxy 4k, he addressed all the guests at the same time by placing the guest besiest guests in one place.  Nothing is done for the little ones. The big ones and the big ones are not allowed to attend the event.  This has reduced the distance between the people and the so-called big people. All people have developed the feeling that no one should be considered big or small.

Rabbi Lamichhane says, I don’t want to eat everything at once.  If you try to change one by one, you will reach the destination. I don’t want to be stranded on the road. I want to travel as much as I can to reach the destination, says Rabbi.  They talk about playing the band. The rabbis who became heroes for the people did not get to raise the issues of the people.

A co-worker on our television has a free right to be found guilty of wrongdoing. He claims that the day no one is responsible for the work will either die or that person will be in galaxy 4k.  Criticize abuse in a fun way. It gives us the opportunity to take the right path. Criticism abuses are freely available to everyone. Wherever you see me, you can ask your own questions.  Rabbi says that your question will give us a new opportunity to work and learn. Rabbi says,  He claims that he will continue to walk on the path of right and truth without bowing down.

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