Rabbi will give such a blast in Prachanda’s area tomorrow, ready to fight with Prachanda

Rabbi Lamichhane convened the first event of the “National Independent Party” at Chitwan.  He said that after hearing about it, he would come back with some comments.  After the program, he gave a brief overview of his party’s vision.

As his goal is to win the party, he has said that he will contest from all over the country and from where the people will make him fight.  Rabbi Lamichhane has reached Prachanda’s area of ​​Chitwan and made public the important plans of his party.  He called for an end to corruption, an end to corruption, a probe by staff leaders, a renaming of movable and immovable property earned from corruption, a preservation of culture and property, a guarantee of social security for workers and peasants, and the treatment of the sick.  He said that those who can afford it will be paid by the government and free education will be provided up to +2.

Qualified teachers have said that they will make good investment in education.  He said that if a person is released by the police, he will explain, if he does well, he will be respected, if he does bad, he will be prosecuted, he will have an online system in government business, he will open an account after giving birth to a daughter and pay for 18 years.  Are  “What we have said and put on social media will not change the society, so now we have to change the place,” he said.  He said that although he could not do anything for Darsh, he felt that he could do so much for the country.

Speaking on the occasion, Rabbi said that he would never let your faith be shaken.  People who are looking for Rabbi Lamichhane are asking the same question.  The Rastriya Swatantra Party is holding its first general meeting in Chitwan on Saturday.  He said that he has made Chitwan his first target and his first program is to teach him to fight in difficult situations, to learn, to be himself, to swim in the same human sea and to come to the Koshi Dhunga of Chitwan.

Rabbi Lamichhane, a well-known communicator, resigned from the media on June 22 to clean up the mess in politics.  He started the “National Independent Party” and entered politics under its leadership.  After some disagreement over whether the party’s name should be kept independent, the Election Commission recognized the “National Independent Party” and gave a bell inside the election symbol circle.

He had declared his supporters as “National Independent Party” on July 22 in the National Assembly.  Initially, the party’s election symbol bell was placed, including people who knew 21 countries, he said.  When Rabbi Lamichhane was about to register the National Independent Party, some people filed a case with the Election Commission and claimed that they would go to the Supreme Court if the Election Commission did not comply.  He has no objection to the registration of the party.  “For the people to be free, once the party is registered, their right to be free will be violated,” he said.

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