Rabi Lamichhane arrives with his wife on Rata Makai’s birthday

Famous comedian Rata Makai Kiran Casey’s birthday wishes and, to celebrate the birthday of the famous artist, ranging from journalists, journalism to the hero of millions of people who have just emerged in politics, Rabbi Lamichhane are present. Artist Rata Makai, who has been in the field of art for a long time and has succeeded in winning the hearts and minds of the people, used to make people laugh and give a positive message to the society through his art.

He said that he has always been close to the audience through the art within him. On his birthday, he reached out to the new generation of artists, who have made significant contributions to the rise of Nepali cinema. From Madan Krishna Shrestha, who is very fond of comedy, to those who are constantly in the field of cinema, Shiva Shrestha, Nikita Poudel, Dilip Rayamajhi, Priyanka Karki, Arunima Lamsal and many other artists were present. Rabbi Lamichhane was there to congratulate the leader.

Actress Arunima Lamsal, who was very popular in Nepal at one time, reached America, the dream city of most people, 8 years ago today in terms of getting service facilities in life, living conditions and living a different life. She said that she was very happy to come to Nepal with her daughter for two months after a long time. While living in the United States, he has always had an eye for the Jackson cut scene, but he has not been able to do anything to change society, he said.

Rata Rabbi Lamichhane, who started his political journey by setting up the National Independent Party in the presence of thousands of supporters from the National Assembly on June 22, saying that the situation in the media has made him political. On his birthday, Rita Makai wished him well and discussed about his work and contribution in the field of art. In the field of Nepali art, Kiran KC not only made the audience laugh but also portrayed the life of the people.

Arunima, who arrived in Nepal with her daughter on Saturday, said she was very happy with the work she had done. Man moves his life forward with struggle by suffering in life, which has created a new wave for human beings. During her 8-year stay in the United States, Nepali cinema has developed from all walks of life, making great progress, she said.

Priyanka Karki, a successful actress in the field of Nepali cinema, has been portrayed in the hot music avatar as a successful actress and a popular artist. The actress Karki, who is in the news from time to time, tells Arunima that her daughter likes her very much. Although Arumaniki’s daughter wanted to be a model in Nepali cinema, she said that she felt ashamed. “Mother and daughter are very happy to be in Nepal, they don’t think about anything in America,” she said.

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