Rabi Lamichhane is a wise warrior. Hanathap of Rajendra and Gagan to pull Rabi

In Nepal, people who have been in various professions and businesses lately have left their businesses and gone into politics. Saying that people who have a good image in Nepali politics and who have been working for the people should come into politics, should play an important role for social change, Lahanu Chaudhary has put his words on Everest Nepal. Chaudhary claims that for the change of Nepal, people with an independent image, people with a clean image who have always been with the people in their sorrows and joys should come.

Former Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda and even Dr. Baburam Bhattarai have only served their own agenda and relatives with the aim of changing the face of the country. “From people who have always been trapped in the country and abroad, to people who have been suffering on the streets, only those who raise their voices will change the face of Nepali politics,” he said. He has demanded that the leaders and activists who did not support the suffering of the poor people in Nepal should be annihilated.

Chaudhary said that party serviceism, corruption, dictatorship, contracting and wrongdoing should end now. Gopi Hamal, a businessman and social worker in Dhangadhi, Hark Sampang, a general employment laborer in Dharan, and engineer rapper Balen Sah come in Kathmandu, said that the people are hoping that they will do something for the society. . “Rabi Lamichhane, the hero of the people at home and abroad, who is in everyone’s heart, has emerged in Nepali politics. There is hope among the people that something will change these days,” said Chaudhary.

“Rabbi Lamichhane has a vision to work for the people and not just for the development of the country and the rights and interests of Nepal and the Nepali people. Although Gagan and Lingden have struggled to get the rabbi right now, he has claimed that people like the rabbi should run for office freely. Chaudhary said that he knew Prem Ale as Prem Ale, a man from Dhangadhi, and Banamara Ale in his village. He said that since the leaders and activists have only done speaking work, there is a need for working people now and he will help many people like Rabi.

As people’s faith in politics and leaders has waned, people have been raising their voices from their seats, saying that people who have been doing well in society in recent times should reach for power and authority. For a society to change, there must be a change of power and strength, and that which is not possible by the leaders and activists of the political parties, but by the people who have a vision, is beginning to take root in the common man. Now people seem to have come out in the field with new differences, annoyed by their own party leaders and activists.

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