Rabi said that he is ready to cut off his own head

After Rabi Ramichhane won a majority of votes from Chitwan Region No. 2, Rabi Lamichhane, the president of the Rashtriya Swatantra Party, said that since our boss is the people, he will never let his boss bow down. He is ready to cut off his own head, but never let the people’s head bow down, he vowed to work with integrity, remembering his mother Mankamana. The son is ready to work, he has requested to always support and encourage him to work.

He has said that he will not let the votes of the areas he won and lost go to waste and will continue to work to fulfill the hopes and trust of the people. Rabi said that even though there was always an effort to win over himself and his people, the people’s homes have won now. Rabi said that every single vote that fell inside the box will be appreciated and respected. Oli, Ser Bahadur and Prachanda have told Oli, Ser Bahadur and Prachanda that they should not make fun of the new generation that has come to change the society and build the country.

Rabi Lamichhane said that he will never lose your love and respect because he works for the people. Rabi Lamichhane has said that he will never lose what he said, the love and trust of the people towards him. The National Independent Party, which has only nominated candidates for the House of Representatives, has made unexpected changes in a short period of time. Looking at the counting of votes so far on the basis of proportional votes, Nepali Congress has become the largest party, followed by CPN-UML in second place, newly opened National Independent Party in third place and Maoist party in fourth place.

He said that he is happy because people who have new energy and have moved forward with a new vision have the same strength as the old people. Now the coming generation is their own children, so parents will be happy if they move forward. When Rabi Lamichhane insulted the residents of Chitwan, it hurts his heart, he requested that no one should insult anyone as all Nepalis love him. He said that all the voters had an expectation that Awasa would be a reliable, skilled and different person.

He said that when he received less votes from the big area, he would never reduce his work for that area and would actively work to make the citizens there aware and capable. He said that he will be more active for the people of those places where the vote is low and where it is bad. He said that the people in our country have not asked for anything. He said that he will be active to end the unemployment and negative work. He has requested the citizens who support him from the country and abroad not to worry because he is sure that he will win in the end even if he is down at times.

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