Rabi the tiger should not fight with the fox: Balen buried the stick

After Rabbi Lamichhane started his political journey by opening a new party, his fans said that Rabbi is a tiger, should not fight with foxes, he will continue his steps as a charioteer of people’s happiness and sorrow for social change from tomorrow. According to the mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, Balen Sah has planted a stick and now Rabi Lamichhane is ringing the bell to break the ears of the corrupt. He said that all the citizens of the society would be treated equally.

Sebi Sunil KC of Yuva Samaj said that since you are a tiger, you have to prove that you are a tiger by contesting from the constituencies of Deuba, Prachanda, KP and Madhab Nepal. “You have to fight the election with the people who have always been the prime minister of the country without associating with the foxes,” Sunil said. He said that people with the same goal should come to the same place and if they move forward, bad people should be found.

Journalist Rabi Lamichhane, who has been named in the Guinness Book of World Records, has also said that he will be seen in full-time politics by releasing a video on June 20. After winning the hearts of people in the country and abroad in a short period of time, Rabbi Lamichhane has expressed his commitment to enter politics through the media to strengthen the contribution made by the Nepali journalism sector on his advice and to make his voice heard in Parliament. “Rahar is a communicator and the situation is making him a politician. It is not my Rahar, desire, revolution, rebellion, ambition,” he said. He has announced that he will be the new generation of politics, handing over the program “Sidha Kura” to be broadcast from Galaxy 4k to the new generation. He had requested to come to the assembly hall of Kathmandu on July 22 at 1 pm to discuss his political journey.

He said that even though he did not have any petrol, food, lunch or car rental for the day, he had the leadership and the plan that the country was looking for. Rabbi Lamichhane, who has made a name for himself in Nepali journalism in a short period of time, has been repeatedly told by his fans that he wants to be the Prime Minister. After the election of Balen Sah from Kathmandu Metropolitan City, Gopi Hamal from Dharan Sub-Metropolitan City and Hark Sampang from Dharan Sub-Metropolitan City, the people lost faith in the party and became good people. If it comes, the idea that whoever will win will be awakened.

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