Rabilamechhane’s Galaxy 4k launched. Inaugurated by the Prime Minister

After working in television for a long time, he gave up his Nepali citizenship to go to the United States for his economic prosperity and to gain some knowledge. He spent 12-14 years in the United States.  He turned the trip around because he thought something had to be done. He could not come directly to Nepal because he had submitted his citizenship to Nepal. So he started the process of coming to Nepal.  Settlements were resumed.

The rabbi started talking directly to the Prime Minister from News 24 saying that he would raise his voice for the rights and interests of Nepal.  He started talking to the people. From where he succeeded in becoming the God of the people. Rabbi Lamichhane, who built his field directly from the people, was the real hero of the people. He not only addressed the problems of the people.  He was seen as a pioneer in solving problems ranging from sold disciples to swindlers in the homeland.

He began to look for the poorer settlements rather than talk about the big problems, which led him to find support from the people. He began to search for the problems of the people rather than money.  Rabbi Lamechhane became the hero of millions of people by pointing out the problems of those who have not been able to get food and who have always been oppressed by the upper class.  The reason is that he left News 24 and started to open a new TV to solve the problems of the people.

After his tireless efforts he announced the opening of galaxy 4k tv.  After a long struggle, the new television was launched by the Prime Minister Ser Bahadur Deuba on 15 September.  He started the program by addressing everyone at once. Most of the people were included in his program. But no one was around.

Addressing the problems of the people in a comprehensive manner, Thula Thula has announced that the program will be presented on television.  He said that the television would be the number one television in Nepal. He said that the television would include big projects.

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