Rabin and Tika got married with pomp and circumstance married life started

In Nepali society, the month of Baisakh, Jeth, Mansir is considered to be the auspicious time for marriage. Most of these marriages take place during this month. People rejoice in marriage.  There is a tradition of marrying according to different language, culture according to caste, region, distinction. Marriage performed in different rites has its own culture.  After doing so, their son Patti goes home. On the occasion of the month of Mansir, Rabin Lamichhane and Tika Sanu have performed a duet in the dramatic Salima Bibah Bandhan Gateb. Many artists have joined in the duet.

Robin Lamichhane and Tika Sanu have been given the role of parents in the marriage gate. Mansingh Khadka has been given the role of mother side.  The couple is also informed that the marriage will end in this way. The first love is socialized after the love.  Day is sought.

Manasik Khadka bids farewell to the relatives. The two couples walk towards their house. When they reach home, their conversation starts.  The bride and groom from Uta are trying to talk to the bride as soon as they get a chance.  Filled, replies that a new life has begun.

The bridegroom, who was in a hurry to open the veil of the bass, was saying, “The bride is yours, Sindur Chura.”  The wife is saying that she is happy to have a husband. You are asking your crying husband why you are crying on your wedding day today. The husband who has tears in his eyes happily says that these tears are not sad but happy. Your people.  I don’t think the bridegroom said that she would come from far away, just in her lap.

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