Rabi’s indignation at the leader, Ex King & Queen won Corona

Rabbi Lamichhane, a well-known journalist, has recently posted on his Facebook page abusing
the leaders. He has written in his status, let the intellectualism be rented, I am writing what is on
my mind today in my own way. The party office, the parliament building, Baluwatar, Khumaltar
are not worth going to the hospital. Hiding the epidemic by taking the people’s vote?

It has been many nights since I could not sleep after hearing the screams of the patients in the middle of the
night. How can you not sleep? I don’t know how many people have voted against your government. Doesn’t even make sense. But today 139 people died. Without getting most of the
oxygen. Somewhere, instead of an empty cylinder, it seems that nectar has been found. If any
leader of this country dares to meet me at the gate of the hospital of his choice. Why is this
epidemic giving people no choice but to die and run away and sleep on their own? At the door of
the hospital, people are crying and begging for their lives with the health workers. And the
leaders who should have died, even if the radishes that have not died are useless, the corona that
has been lost, have not come? In the more expensive cabin of a well-equipped hospital? Not too
much? Do you have to carry a patient to the hospital all night crying and screaming? And he has
written his status saying that he has regretted not getting Oli Prachanda Deuba Madhav’s food
after drinking alcohol all night long. It is also written in his status that now we demand a cylinder
of oxygen every morning at the gate of the house of the leader you have voted for. I did not
return until I was given oxygen.

As the number of infections from corona has increased, so has the number of deaths. Another
225 people lost their lives in Corona on Tuesday. This is the first record of so many infected
deaths in Nepal. At the same time, the number of deaths from corona in Nepal has reached 4,084.
Lately, Nepali artists have been winning the corona transition. Singer Prakash Saput has also
won over Corona. He informed about his corona infection through a Facebook post. He even
thanked all the well-wishers who showed love, harmony and love for him. Also, if self-
confidence is strong, Corona can easily win, said Prakash.

Lately, corona infection rate has been increasing in Kathmandu Valley. Therefore, the time of
lockdown in the valley is also increasing. On Tuesday, on the recommendation of three chief
district officers of Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur, the ban has been extended till May 27.
Along with increasing the lockdown, the rules have also been amended. Earlier, there was an
arrangement for up to 25 people to attend the wedding party at the party palace banquet. But now
it is said that they are not allowed to do any work including banquet, party and wedding.

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