Rabi’s role is important to make government: Dr. Surendra

Rabi Lamichhane’s Rashtriya Swatantra Party has created a new history by disrupting the politics that has been going on for a long time in Nepal and has become the third party, he said. Dr. Surendra has said that Prachanda is entitled to be the prime minister in the future as there will be a process of dissolution without forming a good government according to the constitution. He said that no one is left-wing because everyone in Nepal is absorptive.

For the implementation of the country’s laws and regulations, the country must have a director to put it on a positive footing. My concept of democracy is that since it is a democratic system, in order to save democracy, it is necessary to be free. A one-time election elects the people’s representative for five years. After the first term after the federalization, the Election Commission said that the election will be held within the month of May, but the political parties could not make a decision, different opinions have started coming from journalists, politicians, and political parties.

Surendra Mahato has said that since there is no possibility of three-level elections in the country, the elections of the local, state and central governments should be done in a different manner by correcting the mistakes in the constitution. After being elected, the people’s representatives are given a five-year term, and after five years, they have to hold a second election. Rishi Dhamala has said that state and local level elections can be held together, Surendra Mahato should make the decision, as it is not acceptable to violate anyone’s rights, he said that elections should be held as before.

Dr. Surendra K. C has said that since the country’s constitution cannot be extended, after the expiry of the local level elections, elections should be held soon. He said that the court and the jail were not functioning properly. He said that since the current system of freedom is based on money, gangsters and fraud, it should be reformed. Surendra KC has said that this wrong should be corrected. He said that the people will not get a suitable leader until the people living in Nepal and abroad are able to do e-voting. He said that the process should be improved as citizens will not get prosperity, happiness and rights by holding elections in Nepal.

Rather than elections, he emphasized that every prime minister should be elected first, and secondly, he said that the province should be rejected as the country will not develop by having more people’s representatives. He has emphasized that such a large number of MPs is not needed to please the workers, and the ministerial board should also be reduced. He has said that the process of election campaigning should be stopped, and the election should be taken with a chip to kill corruption. He said that he should not join the party after being elected. He said that the local level should not be politicized. Doctor Surendra KC has said that if we want to save democracy, we need to improve elections.

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