Rabi’s suggestion to stay alert from Corona

The Ministry of Health and Population of the Government of Nepal had issued a statement
urging the people across the country to adhere to the health standards as there is a shortage of
beds in hospitals across the country. Journalist Rabbi Lamichhane has refuted the statement
issued by the Ministry of Health. He has refuted the statement with the current government
through a video.

He said in the video, “The government doesn’t listen, it can’t even say it in writing.” No matter
how much he talks, he doesn’t listen. If he could and heard, he would not go looking for corona
medicine in mango leaves. If he could hear and could, he would not lay the foundation in hot
water looking for the corona vaccine. If he could and could hear, Corona would not be able to
breathe every day and would not be able to reach the hospital and would not be dragged to
Aryaghat. ‘He added,’ No, the government cannot listen.

Corona is accused of not listening to the government even when the civilians were dying, the
hospital was full of patients and the patients and their relatives were screaming. He has said in
his video. That we, the citizens of the country, are just a number to be added to the government’s
figure. “The government can’t do anything for us and there is no one to do it,” he said.
The government understands only a minority, a majority, resigning, taking oath and dissolving
the parliament. The government is busy saving hospital beds and seats in parliament to beautify
and save itself, even for itself and its own people. Instead of looking at this irresponsible
behavior of the government, Rabbi suggested that the citizens themselves should be aware.
He says that you can avoid corona by wearing a mask and washing your hands with soap and
water regularly. He also urged to maintain social distance and not to leave the house unless it is
essential. They are even asked to think twice before participating in marriage, engagement and
social work. In the current difficult situation, it is a higher idea not to participate in such social
activities than to end one’s life. If you survive, you can participate in such activities for the rest
of your life. What could be a greater gift for human beings than living? There is a lot of begging
for survival nowadays. Even if we think of our family, friends and relatives who love us only for
ourselves, we have to live in this situation. Rabbi says that we should be vigilant even if we
remember the health workers who are working in the hospital day and night instead of hunger,
thirst and sleep.

If we are still not conscious, we have no choice but to regret it later. That is why we have to be
vigilant and urge everyone to be vigilant from Corona.

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