Rachna Rimal and Preeti Rimal’s first song was recorded.

Rachna Rimal and Preeti Timal are two celebrities who are currently in the limelight, Rachna has been in the limelight for some time now, she is a very popular singer in recent times. Preeti Rimal is also a singer who has recently gone viral with her voice. She said that she knew Rachna from Nepal Idol 3, but now they are friends as sister Preeti and Rachna.

Rachna Rimal, Preeti Rimal is going to release her song “Powder Cream” in the voice of Sujan Sankar and lyrics by Shishir Bhandari. Rachna has said that Preeti feels like her aunt. She said that she was very happy when the two Rimal met. Rachna said that although she feels a lot of desire to cut the grass, she is more lazy to clean the house and wash the clothes. She said that Preeti is not too lazy to work. He said that there is a song that will be a hit on Tiktok like Australia goes to America.

Rimal, who came to Kathmandu saying that she will make her future in the field of music, has given her voice in many songs. Despite her young age, she has developed a lot in her field. Rimal, who says that her mother opened a chatpot shop to meet household expenses, says that she still makes and eats chatput at home. She says that she still remembers how the people who came to eat at the restaurant gave her 15 rupees and made her sing a song. Even now, she says that she has reached here with the love of many viewers.

Rimal, who has given voice to more than 800 Nepali songs, has won the hearts of millions of viewers, and is making her own future by joining Nepali song music. Despite being the most popular singer of the Nepali audience, she says that she is continuing her music education. Rimal, who has been learning music from Guru Chandi Prasad, is bringing her new songs to the market every day. Rimal’s soft-spokenness and the magic of his cheeks have also made him popular with many people. Rimal, who brings new songs to the market, has kept her art in the audience in a new way.

Rimal, who is sweet in speech, is also liked by many people because of the sweetness in her speech. Rimal, who has done both programs twice, says that she got a good response and respect from the Nepali brothers and sisters who were there. Rimal, who started singing songs from a young age, now her voice is liked by many viewers. Rimal, who came to Kathmandu with the idea that she should do something in Nepali song music, many people like her for her speech. Rimal, who lives in the hearts of people, has been making progress in her field day by day. Rimal, who used to study at home and help his mother to sell snacks in his spare time, is now doing stage shows abroad to show his art.

After coming to Kathmandu, Preeti said that she was very happy because all the people supported her. Samudhur Swar Ki Dhani Preeti Rimal’s dream of becoming a singer is about to be fulfilled, liking her voice, Rajesh Aryal, who lives in America, has offered her for the song. The song based on Prati’s family story, the music and Yaranger Tank Budhathoki have done it. The song was recorded from the studio of Tank Budhathoki, Putli Road, Kathmandu, and the new song is about to be released.

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