Rachna Rimal Preeti Rimal’s first meeting was so much fun.

Rachna Rimal and Preeti Timal are two of the most talked about artists now. Rachna has been in the news for some time now. Preeti Rimal is also a singer who has gone viral with her voice lately. She said that she knew Rachna from Nepal Idol 3 and now she has become friends with her sister Preeti and Rachna Bahini. Although Shishir Dada looks black in the video, Rachna said that she felt good after meeting him.

Rimal, who has given voice to more than 800 Nepali songs, has won the hearts of millions of viewers. Even though she is the most liked artist by the Nepali audience, she says that she continues to learn her music. Rimal, who is learning the code from Chandi Prasad Guru, is bringing her new songs to the market almost daily. Rimal’s softness of speech and the charm of his cheeks have made him the most liked by most people. Rimal, who brings new songs to the market, puts her art in a new way among the audience.

Rimal, who has sweetness in her speech, is also liked by many because of the sweetness in her speech. Rimal, who has done both programs twice, says that she has received good response from Nepali brothers and sisters. Rimal, who started singing at an early age, is now loved by many in the audience. Rimal, who came to Kathmandu with the idea that something should be done by getting involved in Nepali music, has also been liked by many people. Rimal, who is in the heart of the people, is making progress in her field day by day. Rimal, who used to go to school at home and help her mother to sell chatbate while she was still alive, is now doing stage self programs in the country and abroad to show her art.

After Rajesh, who has been living in the US, liked the sound of the copy, he said that it will be released soon after recording the song with the special help of Tank Budhathoki and Bhojraj Thapa. Prati and her mother hugged her and cried, saying that they had tears of happiness. She said that she would be happier if she was with her father to share the happiness with her. According to her mother, she studied up to 12, then her uncle and herself. Preeti Rimal, who was born in a village called Bhachuwa in Ward No. 6 of Tarkeswar Govt.

She says that the Rimal family, who used to reconcile with her mother, had their house destroyed by the earthquake. She said that after the house collapsed, she tied a goat in the house. Growing up in a family of 5 with 3 brothers, mother and herself, Preeti Surilo has a sweet voice and is rich. Although Baba took leave from his mother 10-11 years ago, he has been working in a cooperative and studying in Kathmandu, she said. She said that even though she has enough land at home for two or three months, she has been living in harmony for other times.

Rimal, who has been working since she was in school, says that she has been teaching for two years. After the father left with the mother, the mother and daughter sang songs to alleviate their grief while the fair was going on to save their lives. Even though her father left her in life, her mother brought her up by struggling with various things. Even though her father doesn’t know anything about it, she is struggling with today’s sorrow and moving forward with her life so that her mother will be happy tomorrow. Even though man has amazing potential, without finding the right kind of place to show it, he spends his life suffering with the mountains, rivers and streams of Nepal. Due to which there is a feeling of newness in his life.

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