Radha Pokharel analysis about Share Market

The interview is taken in the Goodmorning Nepal set and the Radha Pokharel is welcomed in the today session. She is the investor and president in Nepali Share market.she is being engaged with Capital Market Investor Associations. She had welcomed many nepalese youths in the share market, especially focusing on the ladies. 

She says that, there are always the risks in the share market but being as a woman coordinator of the share market she became successful to welcome many nepalese womens in this area. She is a young, energetic, bold and dynamic woman and has welcomed many nepalese teenagers, youths(from Nepal and abroad) till date.

She thinks that the share market is more beneficial for the women, because it can be invested through the home as well and need not to follow the routine of 10 to 5 jobs. This helps many women to give their time for their family as well.

When she was asked about the right and safe technique of investing money in the share market, she replied that because of lack of awareness, knowledge and misconception people are afraid to invest their money in the share market. The entry in the primary market is a bit more easy and secure but if we want to have an entry in the secondary market then, firstly we have to get enough information about the market and how it runs. 

Radha had suffered a lot during her childhood period because of the problem in her heart. She was unable to walk, play and even it became difficult for her to do the basic activities of her life. At the age of 12,Doctor Diwakar Shreshtha had open heart surgery on her because of the problems in her valve and still she is taking the medicines for her recovery.

She had entry in the share market by IPO from Century commercial bank investing the 1000 rs. for the first time. In the 3 months, her money has increased upto 24,000. She was impressed with this market and after that she explored this domain. She says that Nepali share market is taking market in recent years. She also added saying, while she had entered the market there were only about 1500 to 1800 investors but with time scenarios have changed and in today’s condition there are around 35 lakhs investors in the share market. The 1100 index has reached up to 2600 index and the investment of money has reached upto 10 arabs from 2 arabs.

Radha sees a good future in share market so she appeals to the nepalese youths to invest in the Nepali share market with right guidelines, knowledge and only by studying the market scenario . This helps to uplift the life standard of many Nepalese in near future.

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