Rai met Hark Sampang and said ‘I will be happy if you become the Prime Minister’.

During his visit to Kathmandu, the Mayor of Dharan Metropolitan City, Hark Sampang, sat in the studio of the famous singer Rai is King with the presenter of Mero Online TV, Vishwa Limbu, and had a special conversation on contemporary issues. Artists and political issues seem to be equally important in both countries, from development to entertainment, which play an important role for social change.

Harak Sampang, Rajesh Payal Rai, Anindra Begha have said that they will give as much as they can to the society and play an important role in changing the society. Two people who are in love with each other, not only from different parts of the country, but also from abroad. Rajesh has said that he will be very happy on the day when a person like Harak Sampang who can contribute to the country becomes the Prime Minister of the country.

He said that sometimes the rules and regulations of the country are not as he thought, after everything becomes easy, he said that he will continue to fight in song music. Rai, who is constantly fighting in Nepali song music, to the emerging artists. He has brought songs to the market by supporting them. By supporting new artists, new talent should come to the market, their journeys are constantly struggling. Rai has said that he will have a lot of fun doing programs in the country and abroad.

He said that Balen Shah should remove the garbage of Kathmandu in a short period of time and make a beautiful and green Kathmandu. He said that he behaves well with good-humored people, who speaks like him and does not allow him to work with political behavior. Many have said that even though they call themselves mayors on Facebook, they are always updated on Facebook because they are mayors for a short time and are social campaigners. He said that not being able to remove the garbage of Kathmandu metropolis is not only a weakness of the mayor, but also of the ministry, urban development, and all other sectors.

Hark Sampang, the mayor of Dharan sub-metropolitan city, who was born in a military family, while giving labor to the people for work, after the children said in the sweet Salima, “I also want to be Hark Sampang”, he answered that if Balen Sah, the mayor of the popular Kathmandu Metropolitan City, would answer his salami, even though he is a literary man. He said that since he is not a human being, he will answer in his own cell. He said that even if birds, mice and ants live for themselves, a person should live for others, love the country, never try to be self-centered, and do not hurt others’ hearts. While working in the society, he said that despite various criticisms, he should always walk on a positive path and always stand for the truth.

He said that a good team is needed to achieve a common goal and it plays an important role in building society. He said that even though the party requested him to come, he did not go. He said that although he had different opinions with the president who was of his party’s opinion at the beginning, now everyone has a good rapport, and the deputy mayor said that he is a good friend. He said that people who used to play carrom board, now they are breaking stones, working and walking on the path of development.

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