Raid of such authority in the office of the Chief Minister of Province No. 2.

After the advent of federalism, the people elected the people’s representatives. They took an oath in the name of the people and committed to work in the interest of the people and the nation.  The state government had come up with a program for the upliftment of women. The controversy was created after newspapers published various news items on the same program.

According to Chief Minister Lal Babu Raut, the state government has brought this program in the month of December, 2075 BS for the upliftment of virginity and to involve women in any field.  The states have come up with their own programs to make daughters equal to sons. Even now, it is customary in the society to send sons to private schools and daughters to government schools.  Can’t be seen
In the law, women are treated the same as men. Our community does not understand that women are a creation. They are confined to the kitchen. Even though the government has given many rights to women, the treatment is different. It is clear that women are happy with the law makers.  There is a bad illusion in the society. To take the society in a positive direction, for the development and transformation of the society, there should be equal presence of men and women. In our society where there are more women than men, women are far behind.  The program has been brought.

Under the Cheli Bachao Cheli Padau Abhiyan, Province No. 2 bought bicycles for the disciples. The bicycles were given to the disciples to make it easier for them to go to school and help them to do their various chores.  There was a tender and the issue was raised as there was no brand for the bicycle.
Akhtiar had expressed dissatisfaction after the guerrillas raided the Chief Minister’s Office. The Chief Minister claimed that there was no irregularity in the bicycle purchase case.  Authorities claim that the Chief Minister’s Office was raided after a complaint was lodged alleging that crores of rupees had been scammed in the purchase of bicycles.  The Chief Minister has admitted that it was wrong to check Sally.

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