Railway stations of nepal. Nepal Railway infrastructure development update.

The first station of the railway service operating from Janakpur to Urdha station via Jayanagar in India is in Inerwa, while the construction work of the station has been taken forward by taking land in various places through Janakpur Dham, Jaipur station.  Bardibas has become a common station connecting Janakpur with Jaipur Railway and East-West Railway of Nepal.  Nepal and India have been working tirelessly to build the station.

Unable to utilize the resources of the country, the Government of Nepal had brought a big dream in the operation of Boki Railway, the loss of which is being borne by the Government of Nepal.  The train carrying Nepali flag, which was purchased from India to run in Janakpur Jaipur, is now covered by Tripal.  The government of Nepal has incurred a loss by purchasing and bringing trains without prior preparation and investigation.  Government agencies in Nepal have always had to incur losses due to unpredictable investment in Nepal.

The Ministry of Physical Resources and Transport has said that 34 kilometers of train from Bharatpur to Kuntha in Nepal will be operational.  Minister for Physical Resources and Transport Renu Kumari Jha said that full preparations have been made to bring the train into operation.  While Prime Minister Ser Bahadur Deuba was on a visit to India, the Prime Ministers of the two countries had a discussion and inaugurated the Nepali flag carrier.  Tripal had run a 35-kilometer train from Kurtha in Janakpur to Jayanagar in India for testing after a long time.  Director General of the Railway Company Ranjan Jha had informed that the train was run for testing.  With a speed of 110 kilometers per hour, the train has 30 employees from Nepal and 30 from India.

The 5-5 compartment train, which had a capacity of 1300 passengers, was now covered by Tripal.  Trains purchased without efficiency and infrastructure preparation had to be shut down for a long time.  Despite the agreement with India to operate Nepali trains, the trains could not come into operation for 15 months.

Leaders have invested in the Government of Nepal’s coffers to bring in a variety of materials, but have not been able to reap the benefits.  The investments made in the development of Nepal by investing a lot are now flowing into the water.  Trains purchased at Hawa Lake without pre-requisite preparation and skilled manpower have been forced to sit under Tripal.  Niranjan Kumar Jhalai was appointed as the managing director.  Even though Nepal could not reap the benefits of such investments, the Nepali government had to incur huge losses.

According to Engineer Rabindra Nath Shrestha, Secretary, Ministry of Physical Resources and Transport, Nepali Railways will be operational after the agreement of both the countries.  Initially, the British government was said to have operated the railway to export Nepal’s timber.  The train that came in 2059 BS was operating at a distance of 52 km.  The train that came into operation at that time belonged to Nyarogek, while the train that is now in operation is a broad gauge train.  Earlier, the railway track in Nepal was closed due to floods.

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