Raj and Sunisa are puzzled by the child’s question

While the Nepali movies were being screened one after the other, the Nepali story movie “Paso” was screened on the 16th of November. After watching the movie, well-known actors of Nepali folk-dahori sector Ramesh Raj Bhattarai and Pasupati Sarma said that the movie was good. Ramesh said that there are four people in his house and all of them are fans of different countries. Although he is a fan of Ronaldo and Messi, he said that he would be happy if Brazil won the FIFA World Cup.

Pasupathi has said that although he has not watched the FIFA World Cup, he supports the team that is weak at the end. Sunisa and her husband Raj, the heroine of the movie Ko Paso, which is being screened in theaters across the country, were puzzled by the question of when the baby will be born. Viewers have said that the movie has played an important role for social change with positive feelings, so they should come and see it in the hall. Rista Basnet and Sunisa Bajagai, who were going to give an interview for the promotion of the movie, got into a fight over the mobile while showing their performance. Sunisa kept her mobile phone and called her mother-in-law from Rista’s mobile phone while quarreling saying that she called from my mobile phone.

The two actresses Sunisa and Rista, who are playing the lead roles in the movie, got emotional when talking about their life and the field of movies. Rista has said that she has suffered a lot since childhood to reach till now. She told me about the time she spent her days starving because there was no food at home. She has said that many people say that Rista is practical by moving forward with her life through pain. Rista said that it is very difficult for one mother to provide for three people. The film sector, which has been declining for some time, has been in the news a lot lately.

At a time when Nepali films are thought to be damaged by foreign films, if a good film is made, some films have given a response. Actresses Rista and Sunisa, who played the main roles in Paso movie, have discussed about the movie and their personal life. Rista Le Sunisa said that although she first had one family that loved, trusted and cared for, now she is very happy to have two families. Although they were unmarried during the shooting of the movie, they both said that they were married and living a happy life while preparing for the show.

Sunisa has said that even after marriage, Sunisa is living her life like before. Rista said that people should make their journey simple and easy to make life happy. She has said that she is sure that the audience will like and be happy because the movie has been produced by showing family stories along with Nepali plot entertainment. The trailer of the film was released at a program in Kathmandu on Sunday. The one and a half minute long trailer shows the story of two young women’s struggle for survival. The film shows what two young women do to survive after being kidnapped.

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