Raj Kumar Maktum of Dubai presented Durga Prasai gold stick at the airport

CPN-UML central member ABM Jhapa businessman Durga Prasai has been in the news lately. Prince Save Save Mohabbat Maktum of Dubai Jomla Maktum has arrived in Nepal for a three-day visit. He came to Nepal at the special invitation of Durga Prasai, a prominent businessman from Jhapa and also a central member of the CPN-UML. He landed at Chandragiri Airport, Jhapa, on a charter flight of Shree Airlines, where he was specially welcomed by Durga Prasai.

The gift is currently being discussed on social media, with Prince staying in Jhapa for two days. During his stay in Jhapa, the prince visited the Purbanchal Hospital and inaugurated the Scan Mission. He has been scheduled to visit Pokhara along with Kathmandu. Maktum inaugurated the abdominal scan machine, inspected the structures of the hospital and inspected the various machines available there. Maktum, who has been embroiled in controversy over his various activities from time to time, is still in the news because of his golden stick.

At a time when local level elections are approaching, leaders and activists are visiting village houses to meet the people and party programs are in full swing. After playing Durga Prasai’s report on the program some time ago, Durga Prasai, who came to the fray, is a Babasai affiliated with the CPN-UML party and has close ties with the SIRS leaders. Prasai has said in the program that since he is doing business by paying more tax to the government of Nepal than any other business, he should work with a journalist to increase his business.

Prasai said that businessmen, police and people from different walks of life in the country have been handing over money to journalists. Were Prasai has said that when a person comes to my house, he should ask the journalist for food, people should ask him to eat jazir and open an industrial factory. He said that not all journalists are bad and that some journalists who are in the wrong profession by engaging in the profession of journalism have committed immoral acts. He told the journalist how many people had tied ropes in the valley when the court was formed.

Prasai says that he did business with his own investment and did business with the money of the state treasury. Prasai has said that he has not done the job of sending the youth abroad by closing down the factories opened in the country like the Congress. He said that the Congress had forced the youth to go abroad and had inspired them to stay in the country. Prasai has said that he has opened a financial institution in corners these days and has worked for the welfare of the people.

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