Raja Ko Hatti | Dinesh Gautam, Anu Singh

A young person is thinking of earning wealth. He tries to go abroad with the idea of ​​giving happiness to his father and mother and wearing a flower on his wife’s nose, earrings in his ears and a gold garland in the valley.

(King’s elephant is blown away, it floats at night, Bagmati, if I die in a foreign country, who will give it to me?) At the same time, lyricist Bidur Timalsina has written relevant and touching words. The song features the voices of singer Dinesh Gautam and singer Anu Singh, while the music book is filled with offerings.

The video, directed by Prince Daniel, is also excellent. The video stars Mukun Bhusal, Sarada Giri, Shrishti Khadka, Lokmani Sapkota and others. The video filmed by Utsav Dahal has been made public on New News Nepal’s YouTube channel. Not only the song but also the video has become equally captivating. Watch the video

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