Actor Pal Shah has been taken to Gaindakot Public Prosecutor’s Office in Nawalpur for further investigation. Paul was taken to the office yesterday for a statement after the victim lodged a second complaint.Same answer to Sudarshan Are the tears of worship empty? | RAJATPAT | Epi-81 | PRAKASH SUBEDI

Paul, who was wearing a hat and a mask, was handcuffed. Calling it the second place where the robbery took place, the victim has accused Paul of taxing her here as well. Paul’s main case is pending in the district court in Tanahu. The court had yesterday remanded him in custody for another 12 days.

Paul has given a statement at the government prosecutor’s office in Gaidakot. Although the singer’s teenager was accused of tax evasion, Paul has given a negative statement. He has been saying that he has not done anything wrong.

It is understood that Paul also gave a negative statement in the statement given in Gaidakot. He was brought to the district police from Tanahu on Tuesday and his statement was taken at the public prosecutor’s office on Wednesday. A video of him being taken to the government prosecutor’s office has been made public.

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