Two controversial entertainment programs run by journalist Prakash Subedi have been suspended. The programs have been suspended following a complaint lodged by actress Shilpa Pokharel. Shilpa had lodged a complaint against the program and Prakash Subedi on Epiwan Television.

According to television sources, the board meeting of Ap1 TV held on April 20 had instructed Subedi not to make any additional material about Shilpa. However, in defiance of that, Subedi aired an additional interview with Shilpa ex-husband Chhabi Ojha and aired more negative programs about Shilpa.

A TV source said, “The board meeting on August 2 had asked not to broadcast any other material about Shilpa other than her interview, which she disobeyed.”

The television board has decided to close the program until further notice. After the decision of the TV board, Subedi’programs ‘Glamor Goof’ and ‘Rajatpat’ have been shut down. Shilpa thanked the television for this big decision. Subedi had created content in his program by associating Shilpa name with a married man.

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